Triphala Benefits, Side Effects, Uses, Triphala Dosage, Churna + Guggul

Triphala has been rapidly gaining on popularity, and making a name for itself as one of the best methods of getting rid of stomach-related issues, especially if they stem from your colon.

The name of this remedy comes from a Sanskrit word phala, which means fruit. Triphala is a combination of three fruit powders. This Ayurvedic remedy is made of amalaki, bibhitaki, and haritaki powders. These three fruits include all five tastes; bitter, sweet, salty, sour, and pungent, and there are not many of those in Ayurveda.

The key to good health, according to Ayurveda medicine, are the three doshas; vatta, pitta, and kapha. When they are in balance, we are healthy; as soon as one of them is out of whack we experience some symptoms of the misbalance. The fruits found in triphala are responsible for balancing the doshas. Haritaki positively affects vatadosha, bibhitakikaphadosha, and amalaki positively affects the pitta dosha.

Triphala benefits

Once again, all three fruits found in triphala are responsible for different systems in our body. Amalaki helps our heart and cardio vascular system, haritaki affects the liver, and bibhitaki is regarded as one of the best brain-enhancers.

Recent research conducted using triphala suggests that this remedy has exhibits anti-cancer properties. This comes as no surprise, as all three of the fruits are rich in antioxidants, malic and galic acid, all of which are responsible for destroying free radicals that cause cancer.

Even though it prevents and treats cancer, this function is not what triphala is known for. The remedy is most known for its benefits of our digestive system. Its performance as a laxative is stellar, and it protects and heals the colon better than any other natural or pharmaceutical product out there.

Triphala use

The best method of using triphala is just by mixing it in hot water, and consuming as a tea. There are reports of people curing various diseases and conditions by just dipping their fingers in the powdered mixture, but those are probably just unlikely stories and over exaggerations. Tablets and pills are best to be avoided, due to their lessened effectiveness.

Ayurveda believes that what makes this mixture work is the synergy between those using it, and the sheer intelligence of the plant. This branch of natural medicine often talks about intelligence of herbs, as the herbs’ ability to target the specific condition it is consumed for.

Triphala’s use also depends on the time of day. If you’re using it for its laxative effects, use it during the night. Nightly use is also recommended for respiratory issues. Triphala is consumed during the day in order to regulate blood sugar, regulate weight, and aid your brain function.

The fruits from triphala

Amalaki is often referred to as the immortality fruit, and it is amrita – the essence of the universe. This fruit can be used as a paste, or in powder form, to treat aging, vitamin C deficiency, and free radical increase. Amalaki is often used in diabetes treatment, and with any disorders that cause bleeding, such as nose bleeds or prolonged menstrual bleeding.

Haritaki is also known as abhaya, meaning fearless. It is believed to have the ability to diminish the fear of death and diseases. This fruit is highly effective in detoxification of our entire body, and it can also rejuvenate our organism.

Bibhitaki helps with unwanted growth, treating tumors, weight loss, and immunity issues. This fruit will also help you get rid of annoying coughs, built-up mucus, and even some types of parasites.


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