Treat clogged arteries, cholesterol, infections and colds with these 3 ingredients

As the flu and cold season descends upon us, we are all on a quest to prevent getting caught out by the viruses and bacteria floating around. In order to achieve this nearly impossible task, a beverage made of merely 3 ingredients was created thousands of years ago, by Germans. We are all familiar with the reliability of German car engineers, so why should we not trust their ancient folk medicines too?

The beverage consists of garlic, ginger, and lemon. Water is added too, but we won’t count that as an ingredient. This remedy is considered one of the finest natural medicines, as all of it constituents are commonly referred to as super foods.

Not only will this potion help you stay healthy during the flu and cold season, it will also aid you in a number of other ways. The remedy treats and prevents arterial congestion, which is the leading cause of heart attacks. The remedy also keeps your cholesterol levels in check, which prevents heart disease, and even fatigue. The antioxidant rich ingredients will aid your liver in cleansing those pesky free radicals that are roaming your body trying to cause cancer.

Arterial congestion occurs when fat, calcium, and other materia combine to create a physical obstacle in the blood vessels. This leads to a diminished supply of blood at first, and later the pieces can break off and be sent flying straight into the heart, causing heart attack. At the early stages of arterial congestion, conditions such as increased blood pressure and light headedness are often experienced. The potion we’re presenting today is one of the most efficient, natural ways of unclogging your arteries.

The high amount of antioxidants found in garlic, lemons, and ginger are responsible for killing off the toxins, and helping our body expel them. As we are constantly exposed to toxins from our environment, you can see how useful this feature is.

Not to delay any longer, on to the recipe:


  1. 4 large heads of garlic (whole)
  2. 4 lemons (with peal)
  3. An inch of ginger root
  4. 2 liters of water (preferably filtered)


  • Wash the lemons and cut them up into pieces
  • Peel the garlic
  • Add the lemon, garlic, and ginger to a blender and blend well
  • Put the mixture into a pot and add the water
  • Place the pot onto heat and stir until the mixture boils
  • Take off the heat and let the mixture cool down
  • Strain using a medium strainer and transfer the mixture into glass bottles

One glass of the beverage should be consumed every day, preferably 2 hours before a meal.

Do not worry about the garlic smell, as the lemon and the boiling process will get rid of it.

Make sure you shake the bottle before every consumption, as all the good stuff can drop to the bottom.


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