The recipe that saves lives

When it comes to deadly disease, such as cancer, people are willing to try anything in order to prolong their lives. They even resort to extreme measures, in some cases. This is the reason more people need to hear about this simple remedy, made of only two ingredients.

It is no wonder if you’ve heard if already mentioned somewhere on the web, or on the street, as ginger and honey mixture has been rapidly gaining on popularity, throughout the world. There are reports of people who are now cancer-free thanks to this simple mixture, without the use of chemotherapy, surgeries, or any other invasive measures.

The best part of this mixture is its simplicity and the fact that there are no side effects to prolonged use. It is safe for use by everyone, even diabetics. There is a famous report of a woman who was on life support for nearly a month, due to endocrine gland cancer. She claims that ginger and honey mixture is responsible for her miraculous recovery and her current, healthy state.


  1. 2 larger ginger roots
  2. 1 pound of organic honey


You will need to clean the ginger roots thoroughly, then blend them. After blending the ginger, mix it with the pound of honey. Store the mixture in a jar, making sure you DO NOT use a metal spoon in the process; only wooden and plastic ones are acceptable, as it is believed that the introduction of metal in this part of the process will cancel out all the healing powers of the remedy.

The mixture should be consumed 3 to 4 times per day, one teaspoon at the time. The best time to take the remedy is an hour before meal. The first effects should kick in after just 2 or 3 days.

When you consider the ingredients found in honey, which include antioxidants and a number of different vitamins and minerals, and the similar powerful healing properties of ginger, it is no wonder that this remedy is often said to have the power to rise from the dead.

The antioxidants found in ginger, as well as in honey, will lower your blood pressure and significantly reduce the risk of heart attack, in the long run. As the mixture expands blood vessels, allowing for better blood flow, those with low blood pressure should keep a close eye on their blood pressure levels throughout the day while consuming the mixture.

Ginger is famous for its use in natural medicine, and it all stems from its use in Asian cuisine. The people of that region are famously known for their health and youthful appearance, and ginger is suggested to be a big part of that. Ginger is the main ingredient used in cooking, or in teas, especially in eastern Asia.


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