Make your skin silky smooth with a 5 minute routine

It is no secret that every woman out there is after that perfect complexion and flawless skin. It is one of the most natural things to strive to achieve, regardless of whether you are doing it to look appealing to the opposite (or the same) gender, or if you are just doing it for yourself.

As much as they hate and are embarrassed to admit, men want perfect skin too. There is nothing more annoying than acne break-outs and blemishes that mess with your self-image and confidence.

Sadly, achieving the goal of having perfect, silky smooth skin can prove to be an extremely difficult task. Our lifestyles are what most commonly stops us from achieving this goal, as our diet, levels of stress we are exposed to throughout the day, and our immediate environment are all responsible for any skin imperfections. This includes premature skin aging, enlarged pores, blemishes, acne, and elasticity loss.

Basic advice that most dermatologists suggest is to keep your body hydrated, consuming up to 3 liters of fluids per day. Water and tea should be your primary source of hydration, and beverages such as sodas, sugar-filled juices, and alcohol should be avoided.

When it comes to our diet, processed foods should be avoided at all cost. Eating home cooked meals, made with organic ingredients would be a dream, but who has the time for that? You should at least avoid supermarket pre-cooked meals that contain tons of harmful ingredients.

Other lifestyle habits, such as avoiding stress, getting enough sleep, and physical exercise are also suggested in order to clear-up your face and rejuvenate the skin. Research conducted in the last decade suggests that 45 minutes of walking per day is more than enough to keep your entire body healthy, not just the skin.

In addition the changes in your daily life, you should also consider introducing a facial cleanse routine. Here is an example of one that will leave your skin fresh and silky smooth:


  1. ½ teaspoon of baking soda
  2. ½ teaspoon of distilled water


Using this facial cleanse mixture is as simple as making it; mix the two ingredients into a paste, apply the mixture to your face, and let it sit for 5 minutes. After that, you will need to wash off the mixture with lukewarm water. Dry your skin, then apply a small amount of hydrogen peroxide to a cotton ball and rub that on your face.

The role of baking soda is to clean your face and your pores, getting rid of all the dirt, bacteria, and other particles that get in there during the day. Distilled water is used to avoid any impurities that can come with regular tap water.

The second part of the routine will close your pores and make sure that no skin discoloration appears.


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