Natural Medicines

Ayurvedic treatments for sciatica and lower back pain

It might come as a surprise, but more than 80% of world’s population is affected with sciatica or lower back pain, at some point in their life. Ayurvedic medicine firmly believes that the lower back pain stems from ApanaVata, or downward facing wind, which is located in the region and […]

Food against stress and anxiety

If you are constantly under stress, and if you feel anxiety when presented with mostly common day to day task, you have probably been thinking of ways to deal with these issues. There is a vast number of supplements and medications out there that claim to be excellent at removing […]

Ari’s 5 Tips for Healthy Traveling

In case you travel often, either due to the nature of your work or for pleasure, you probably find it hard to lead a healthy life style while on those trips. You can’t cook for yourself and your meals are either fast food or restaurant-based, you can’t get yourself to […]

Picking up swimming as an adult

Swimming is one of the sports that are able to give you a full-body workout, and there is no reason to not pick it up. The Center for Disease Controlhas recently published the information that more than a third of adults in the United States is not physically able to […]

5 ways to sneak in a quick workout during lunch

We’re getting busier and busier, and we keep finding excuses not to include exercise into our daily routine. We commute for a few hours every day, sit in the office for most of it, and there’s just simply no energy or time left for this additional activity. However, you can […]

Transitioning your skin care to spring

Winter is now behind us, and the cold days, and their harshness to our skin can be forgotten. As spring and warmer, more humid days arrive; we can sense changes in our skin. Dryness and tightness, as well as constant feeling of unclean skin can occur, as the skin starts […]