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Dealing with menopause symptoms

The age at which they enter menopause is variable for every woman. The typical age in which the first symptoms of menopause occur is late forties to early fifties. Menopause is the natural process in which ovarian function slowly, or in some cases rapidly, stops. Reproductive hormones estrogen and progesterone […]

Foods to avoid if you have eczema

According to Ayurveda, the food we consume affect almost every aspect of our life; the way we respond to stress, our mood, and even our skin health. Food affects our nerves, blood, muscles, bones, and even our sexual energy. According to Ayurvedic practice, the food we consume is the main […]

Ayurvedic morning ritual

As traditional medicine is becoming more and more popular, millions of people around the globe are turning to traditional Indian Ayurvedic practices to stay vital and healthy. Here is aAyurvedic routine you should get into if you need more energy and less stress throughout the day: Waking up Waking up […]

Ashwagandha Benefits, Dosage, Side Effects + More

More and more people in the western world are turning to traditional, herb-based, medicine to treat their various health issues. As the popularity of natural medicine, especially east-Asian, rises, the use of herbs such as ashwagandhais becoming so wide-spread that you can hear about it everywhere. This article will explore […]

The recipe that saves lives

When it comes to deadly disease, such as cancer, people are willing to try anything in order to prolong their lives. They even resort to extreme measures, in some cases. This is the reason more people need to hear about this simple remedy, made of only two ingredients. It is […]

The Recipe That Pissed Off The Pharmaceutical Industry

The miraculous combination of honey and cinnamon has been known to the people of eastern Asia for thousands of years, as they discovered all that time ago the powerful healing ability of this mixture. The western world has slowly been using more and more of this mixture to heal various […]

Lose 10 pounds in 7 days

Looking for a quick way to shed 10 pounds? This extremely easy, yet highly effective diet might be tailor maid for you then. Just follow the simple routine for a week: Breakfast: Drink a glass of cold water with some lemon juice squeezed into it on an empty stomach. This […]

Morning routine for weight loss

The world we live in is undeniably harsh to our health, especially if you live in a large city. We are constantly exposed to fumes coming from the traffic, or from industrial sources, which is even worse. Our food is sprayed with harmful chemicals, the beauty and hygiene products we […]

Prevent high blood pressure caused by salty food

There are millions of people out there who crave salty food, and just simply can’t take their food without the salt. They might be fully aware of the negative impact that all the added salt has on their body, but they just can’t seem to help themselves. If you are […]