Beetroot Juice to Detox Your Liver, Dissolve Gallstones & Stop Allergies in 4 Weeks

Although they are literally everywhere, junk and processed foods can be detrimental for the health if we consume them on a regular basis. Namely, they contribute to the piling up of toxins and waste in the body, as well as in the liver, which increases the risk of a long list of health problems. This is why it is crucial to detox the body from all accumulated waste and better our health.

Natural Detox- the Best Detox

Natural detoxification methods are one of the most beneficial ways to expel all waste from the liver and strengthen the immunity. Also, by regularly cleansing the body, you will balance the cholesterol levels, reduce allergies, and avert gallstones and fatty liver disease.

The Beetroot Liver Cleanse

A lot of people who have tried this cleansing method swear by it and claim that it helped them to fight off tiredness, pain, and balance the sugar levels in the blood. This cleanse can be achieved with the help of homemade juices rich in minerals and vitamins. Let’s take a look at the first liver cleanse remedy with beets:

A beetroot

An apple, green

3 carrots

4 ribs of celery

Half a lemon with the peel

Preparation: Blend the ingredients in a blender and make sure you add a bit of water. Blend them for several minutes and then transfer the content into a glass. Enjoy!

Now, let’s check out the cleansing remedy made from citrus and beets:

A beet

A grapefruit

An orange

A lemon

A 1-inch ginger root

Preparation: Blend the ingredients in a blender for a couple of minutes and then pour the juice into a glass and drink it.

Additional Juices Beets

Spicy beet drink

You will need:

2 beets

3 yellow bell peppers

1 jalapeno pepper

1 lime

Preparation: Blend the ingredients in a blender.

Ginger & beet drink


A beet

¼ head of cabbage, red

A cucumber

4 celery ribs

A lemon

1-inch ginger root

Preparation: Mix the ingredients in a blender and drink the content right away.

The 4-Week Liver Cleanse Tips

Drink all of the juices shown above, one at a time (one juice for 4 weeks). Opt for 2 to 3 glasses per day for 3 days of a week. When 4 weeks pass, repeat the same procedure with the next juice. Make sure you also add a lot of fruits and veggies to your diet and drink a lot of water for optimal detox results.

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