Ayurvedic morning ritual

As traditional medicine is becoming more and more popular, millions of people around the globe are turning to traditional Indian Ayurvedic practices to stay vital and healthy. Here is aAyurvedic routine you should get into if you need more energy and less stress throughout the day:

  1. Waking up

Waking up at the same time every morning is an essential point of this routine. Ayurvedic medicine suggests that in order to keep your doshas properly balanced you should wake up before 6am, as they believe 6-10am is not good for the balance and you can feel sluggish and sleepy if you wake up between these hours.

  • Wash up

According to ancient Ayurveda traditions, you should splash your face with water seven times, as soon as you wake up. This number is important for the tradition, as it is believed to be the number of chakras in our body. The process of splashing water into your face will wake you up, and clean you; both physically and spiritually.

  • Scrape your tongue

Ayurveda also suggests scraping off your tongue the first thing after washing up, and making sure you don’t drink any water before taking this action. The white layer on your tongue is believed to be accumulated toxins from the digestive tract, while in reality it’s mostly dead bacteria. Get a tongue scraper and go to town, it won’t hurt you.

  • Oil pulling

Oil pulling is also considered one of the major steps in Ayurveda morning routine, as it get rids of any toxins that can harm you and cause disease. Oil pulling helps reduce oral disease and inflammation, and it also prevents bad breath. Ayurveda firmly believes that this process also enhances your senses and aides your mind. Go for coconut or sesame oil. All you need to do is put a teaspoon of oil in your mouth, swish it around for 5 minutes, then spit out. Rinse with water afterwads.

  • Oiling your body

Ayurveda is not big on early morning showers, as they can dry your skin and cause those pesky early morning toxins to dig dipper into your skin. Massage your boy with oil to stimulate the nerves and relax your muscles for the day. Warm sesame oil works bests for this purpose, and it is most effective during winter. Massaging your joints every morning with oil can even prevent arthritis.

  • Brush your skin

After oiling and massaging your skin, it’s time to do some light brushing. Get a nice brush, with a long handle, and do low-pressure, quick brushes across your body. This will get the blood flowing and also activate the lymph.  The toxins stored in the lymph nodes will be expelled more easily with brushing, and those oils you applied to your skin will get in deeper, providing you with smoother, softer skin.

  • Relax for a bit

After cleaning your mouth and skin with oil, and brushing, it’s time to take a 10 minute brake and meditate. This will calm you down and give you the energy to face the day.

  • Shower

Following the meditation, a shower, or even better – a bath, is recommended. Try avoiding shower gels and similar products, and go for natural soaps and shampoos, if you can get your hands on some.

Source: https://www.theayurvedaexperience.com

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