Ari’s 5 Tips for Healthy Traveling

In case you travel often, either due to the nature of your work or for pleasure, you probably find it hard to lead a healthy life style while on those trips. You can’t cook for yourself and your meals are either fast food or restaurant-based, you can’t get yourself to exercise as this is the time to relax, and you just simply abandon your usual, healthy routine during this period.

Here are some tips on how to restore balance between enjoying your time while on a trip, and staying healthy while doing so:

  1. Get some physical activity

Even though you’re probably thinking to yourself that this is the time to relax and enjoy the sights and not to go on a run, force yourself to get some exercise. There’s nothing wrong in indulging in a local delicacy or some fast food, but go for a quick run or a walk afterwards. You can easily find a local gym that allows you to pay for one session, or you can find a chapter of your gym in the city you’re visiting and they’ll have no problem with you doing your workout there. When exploring the new city, go on foot and avoid buses and public transport.

  • Plan ahead

If you have a trip scheduled, make sure you do your research on the place you’re visiting. Search for local foods and delicacies, and try to find the ones that suit your diet and meal-plan, if you have one. You can always find tasty, healthy snacks that you consume usually, in local markets and health stores.

  • Don’t be afraid to treat yourself

If the place you’re visiting is the home to a special treat that can be found nowhere else, and you feel like trying it; just go for it, even though it doesn’t fit your usual diet. It is better to indulge your one-time urge than stress and obsess over it for weeks. Don’t be afraid to have a piece of cake, or a few pints of local beer. If you go to Prague, for example, you just simply need to try local ham and pastries such as trdelnik.

  • Eat your veggies

Even though you’re not at home, and your mom is not around, you still need to eat your veggies. The lack of control over what you eat is a common occurrence while travelling, especially if it’s for work. That still shouldn’t prevent you from ordering a healthy salad with lots of greens, or taking some extra side-veggies such as carrots or peppers with your meal.

  • Start your days healthy

This doesn’t only apply to physical exercise, which is recommended in the morning even when you’re out of town. It mostly applies to the most important meal of the day; breakfast. After you return, hopefully, from your morning run, get a nice, healthy breakfast. Try to avoid cereals, fast food, or sugary stuff for breakfast. Treating yourself with one of those is better saved for dinner. Make sure you don’t eat your breakfast too fast; get a table at a local bakery, order something nice and healthy, and take your time.


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