A Complete Vegan 3 Day Detox That Will Cleanse Your Body From Sugar, Help You Lose Weight And Boost Your Health

In case you’ve been thinking about going vegan, or if you just want to try and see how your body reacts to this type of dieting, and you’re just not sure where to start we have a great entry point for you. It can be regarded as a gateway to vegan dieting, or as a simple cleanse that will help your body get rid of stored, unnecessary sugar, and help with weight loss as well. Your overall health will also be significantly improved, in just 3 days.

  • DAY 1

Breakfast: Make a simple smoothie or a juice from green vegetables. Remember that lime and lemon can be added to these, and they are extremely beneficial when it comes to cleansing your entire body.

Snack: One apple or a single banana paired with nut butter of your choice (almond might be the best option).

Lunch: A protein smoothie based on plants. You can make one using ½ banana, spinach, frozen berries of your choice, and some kefir or almond milk, mixed in with a scoop of protein powder.

Snack: Raw vegetable slices with hummus

Dinner: Raw green salad, followed by roasted vegetables of your choice. The recommended ones include broccoli, squash, cauliflower, sweet potato, etc.

  • DAY 2

Breakfast: You can never go wrong with a simple green juice, and that is why it is an essential part of this detox; you’re going to have it on day two as well.

Snack: Raw seeds and nuts mixed. You can either make your own, or get store-bough versions at the local health store.

Lunch: Once again, you should have a protein smoothie based on plants for lunch. With so many available, you can keep variety with no issues, and you can have a different one every day without it getting boring.

Snack: Chips made of kale.

Dinner: Cabbage salad, made of shredded red or green cabbage, dressed with vegan toppings and dressings of your choice. One large green salad is also recommended for those who feel that the cabbage is not enough to keep them going until breakfast.

  • DAY 3

Breakfast: You might think it’s getting old, but once again, you should have green juice for breakfast. There are many green veggies out there, and you should have no problems finding recipes online to keep the variety going for breakfast.

Snack: Sliced banana or an apple with nut butter of your choice (again, almond is the recommended one, but in case of allergies or if you simply don’t like it, feel free to choose different nut butter).

Lunch: Plant based protein smoothie is one the menu once again for lunch.

Snack: Sliced, raw vegetables, served with hummus.

Dinner: A large salad based on kale, or a green salad, according to your preference. You should also add some vegan-friendly protein in there; quinoa for example. In just 3 days, this cleansing method will help your body expel any potentially harming sugars that are stored in your cells. This prevents weight gain, as well as numerous health issues, including high cholesterol, and even heart attack .

Source: http://fitlife.tv

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