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Dealing with menopause symptoms

The age at which they enter menopause is variable for every woman. The typical age in which the first symptoms of menopause occur is late forties to early fifties. Menopause is the natural process in which ovarian function slowly, or in some cases rapidly, stops. Reproductive hormones estrogen and progesterone […]

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Foods to avoid if you have eczema

According to Ayurveda, the food we consume affect almost every aspect of our life; the way we respond to stress, our mood, and even our skin health. Food affects our nerves, blood, muscles, bones, and even our sexual energy. According to Ayurvedic practice, the food we consume is the main […]

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How To Fight The Flu With Ayurveda

It is no wonder that the flu has been spreading around like crazy, considering how chaotic the weather has been for the last few weeks. Constant shifts between freezing cold and sunny weather make for perfect conditions for bacterial and viral growth and spreading through air. This year, the flu […]

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Ayurvedic morning ritual

As traditional medicine is becoming more and more popular, millions of people around the globe are turning to traditional Indian Ayurvedic practices to stay vital and healthy. Here is aAyurvedic routine you should get into if you need more energy and less stress throughout the day: Waking up Waking up […]

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Food against stress and anxiety

If you are constantly under stress, and if you feel anxiety when presented with mostly common day to day task, you have probably been thinking of ways to deal with these issues. There is a vast number of supplements and medications out there that claim to be excellent at removing […]

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Ashwagandha Benefits, Dosage, Side Effects + More

More and more people in the western world are turning to traditional, herb-based, medicine to treat their various health issues. As the popularity of natural medicine, especially east-Asian, rises, the use of herbs such as ashwagandhais becoming so wide-spread that you can hear about it everywhere. This article will explore […]